Friday, May 12, 2006


Yup. IN MY HOUSE. They're cute, you know, but I'd really rather they weren't IN MY HOUSE. We don't think it is a really big problem (yet, at least) because we haven't found any droppings anywhere. But we've definitely found the mice. Two nights ago I saw something out of the corner of my eye that I swear moved. Really fast. But I was super tired, and after shining a flashlight under the couch revealed nothing obvious, we decided I must have imagined it. Then last night I saw something dark and brown move in the kitchen. This time there was no mistake - that was a mouse! We got a box and a wooden spoon and a spatula, and attempted to coerce this tiny, frightened creature into the box so we could take him outside. He fell into the sink and hid in the garbage disposal. Undismayed, we put the wooden spoon down the sink so he could crawl up it. You should have seen his little nose poking up, as he looked around wondering if it was safe to come out of his nice dark hiding place! It was quite the chase, poor thing. We did catch him, eventually (he actually jumped into our box, in a last desperate attempt to evade the spatula!) and let him go outside. Happy ending. Only, this morning when I went to pick up one of Jonathan's plastic toys, well, it wasn't plastic. And it was dead. I think we found my phantom mouse of a few days ago. :( Not so happy ending.

Our house is hardly mouse-proof, so I'm not really surprised that this has happened...but it does make me look at things a bit more closely before I put my hands into corners! And I am a bit worried about Jonathan - after all, what if he'd been the one to find the dead mouse? So I think we're going to try to get some humane mousetraps and hope they take care of the problem.


Jonathan said...

Why not kill them? Not that you should have turned on the garbage disposal (ha ha! oh man!), but mice aren't hygenic, and if you don't have a mouse proof house you're probably not helping the situation very much by just putting them outside.

I suppose the big question is how to trap a mouse without putting the trap where Jonathan can get his finger in it? Maybe behind the couch, in cabinets, or on top of the counter?

Emily said...

Why not kill them? Because I hate killing small animals. I feel like a bad, bad person when I do. They're part of God's creation and besides, they're cute. ;)

I know they aren't hygenic, which is why I'd like to trap them and take them elsewhere. But kill them...can't do it.

Amber said...

I agree, trap them and take them far, far away. Good luck on your endeavors, dealing with mice can be such a pain! I had some mouse issues at an apartment I lived in... then we got two kittens and the problem went away. Not that I recommend this solution as the feline beasts do cause their own messes and problems!