Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Shall I do it?

I need a haircut.
Shall I be brave and ask them to cut it like this?


Amber said...

Wow, that's really nice. I don't think I would be brave enough to do it though. And it might be kind of a pain to deal with when you just don't want to do anything with it because you're busy keeping a toddler entertained, a house clean, etc etc etc. I wonder what kind of maintenance a cut like that would require - might be worthwhile to ask the hairdresser.

But it certainly does look like a nice haircut!

Me? I'm trying to grow it out again so that I can either braid it or pin it up and never think about it again. That's about all the time I want to devote to my hair these days! *grin*

JMS said...

Go for it, Em! That is a GORGEOUS cut, and it will look really good on you. You've got the right type of hair for that cut to be oh-so flattering around your face.
The nice things about short hair (I think) are: you don't *have* to wash it as often. I wash my short hair maybe every other day, and it stays styled from the previous day. It can't get much easier than that!... also: yes, short hair looks better styled but it really takes hardly any time to style it. My short hair blows-dry in less than 5 minutes (no exaggeration) and I style as I dry using a round brush. I LOVE having short hair and I don't plan to go back to fussing with keeping long hair out of my face with less-flattering styles --at least while I'm raising kids and have plenty of other things to juggle!

So there, now you have two opinions from either side of the spectrum. ; )

Linds said...

That looks like a good cut for you. I chopped mine a little shorter than that earlier this year (now I'm growing it out - I'm so fickle about my hair!). Best piece of advice I got before I made the decision, however, was that the shorter your hair is, the more heavy it tends to make you look (a general rule, but not necessarily always a fact). That helped me determine how short I could go without my monstrous hips (which, thanks to the wonderful moms of my students who bring me too much yummy food, are more monstrous by the day) outbalancing my head. :)

Dy said...

Well, now you're just going to have to post a photo for those of us who don't know what you look like! *grin*

I would LOVE a cut like that. But I haven't the head for it. I have the classic Roman nose and the forehead from some rather aggressive ancient civilization - but I have a feeling you might look really great in this.

And if you don't want to style it on occasion - headbands are actually quite handy!


postmaster said...

I'd suggest finding a photo (or taking one) of yourself in approximately that pose and pasting your face over the girl's face in the photo to see if you like it. :)
Alternately, it's always going to grow back, so it's worth the risk!


Elena said...

Oh, you should definitely go for it! It looks like the right sort of cut for your face, and the right sort of beautiful for the sort of person you are. It would be so very Emily-ish.

And short can be very low maintanance IF you get a quality cut. When I had my hair a similar length (different style, though) I could seriously do nothing to it. Hop out of the shower, let it air-dry, shake my head a few times and it looked great.

JeniBeans said...

Well, for various reasons I don't cut my hair at all. No trimming or anything. And it's down to my hips working it's way toward my knees. And about the ONLY thing I can do with it is wrap it around in a bun or braid it. And since I don't even know how to french braid this limits my styles. LOL I DO love that cut though. It looks to be a very flattering one too. Wish you'd post a pic of yourself to see what everyone thinks after that. Of course, being that this is an older post, you might've already done it. Did you?