Friday, April 28, 2006

Dance Baby Dance

I hate working out. Granted, some types are better than others, but it's not something I "enjoy". But I'm enjoying this kind, so this is a completely shameless plug for the people who made it.

Dance Baby Dance is a home workout dvd that combines playing with your baby/toddler with getting back in shape. The dances go through a range from warm-ups to cardio dance to cool down. They are simple (only one or two, maybe three "steps" to learn. I've learned most of them without even going through the "teaching" parts of the dvd. Seriously, this is not one of those things that takes a year just to learn how to do the moves. Five minutes, maybe. :)

Jonathan enjoys it because hey, he's in my arms, and what could be better! I enjoy it because I like dance, it is simple, I can do it when it's raining, and the music is fun. It's nice to feel happy while working out, isn't it?

The other nice thing is that it is effective without a lot of time investment. Cardio dance is hard enough...cardio dance with a 20+ lb kid in your arms is something else! Twenty or thirty minutes wipes me out completely.

If you want to look into it, you can go to the Infantastic website or check them out on Amazon.


Mrs. Speckperson said...

So can I try it out with you sometime? We could all do it one Mom's Group - that would be fun and hilarious! :)

Emily said...

Sure, why not? :) It really would be funny to do it for a mom's group. I could move the coffee table and we could do them sort of like a line dance so we didn't all trip over each other.

Sarah said...

Haha, sounds like fun! Maybe I'd have more effective workouts if I carried a 20 pound baby around in my arms while I went for a run!

Amber said...

LOL - that's quite an image. I think I'd like a picture of all of you doing this in a row with your babies :-D

How's the music for it? I guess since you like the video, it can't be too bad! :-)

Emily said...

The music is fun. Mostly just rock-ish stuff. There is one song that I like a lot - we usually do that one twice. :) And there are one or two that I'm not fond of, but nothing really awful.