Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mommy's helper

Jonathan likes to help! I've been talking to him for months about "helping" mommy do the laundry. Generally that has consisted of him playing on the floor next to my feet, or standing up holding on to to laundry hamper, or putting his hands and cheek against the washing machine to feel the vibrations. Today I sat him down near the pile, asking him (like always) if he wanted to help mommy do laundry. He reached into the pile, picked up a sock, and held it up to me. So I picked him up and said "Jonathan, can you drop it into the washer?" And he did! Of course I laughed and said "yay Jonathan" and generally made a big deal of it. :) Then I set him back down on the floor while I put another sheet in. When I looked down, there was Jonathan with a pillowcase in his hand, reaching up toward me. I picked him up again to see what he'd do, and sure enough, into the washer went the pillow case!

Now, I wonder how old he'll need to be before he can "help" do the dishes? ;)

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Dy said...

I'm glad you let him help. It does take things longer to get done, or they need to be redone sometimes (after he's asleep - don't want him to think his help wasn't helpful) - but it's so worth it. For both of you.

Smidge "helps" with the dishes every day. He can stack the boy cups and throw silverware into the drawer (then James, the OCD-inclined child, arranges them properly - it's a symbiotic relationship).

Anyway, you're on your way to lifelong habits that will bring you many hours of great face time with him. Talking, chatting, sharing, listening - over chores. Somehow, it comes so easily that way.