Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Assisted walking

Sort of like assisted living, which is also rather appropriate (in a way!) for this one-year-old. :)

Mom and Dad M. gave Jonathan a little rider "truck" thing (I'm not quite sure what to actually call it!) for his birthday. He can sit on it and push himself around with his feet - at least, he'll be able to do that when his legs get a bit longer. And he can stand behind it and hold onto the upright handle to push it/walk around. He LOVES doing this. Mommy has decided to love doing this, too. :) You see, it is a highly Mommy-intensive activity. Because, well, he can't steer. Which means that I have to set his initial trajectory, and when he hits a wall, I have to come rescue him and re-set the trajectory. It takes him about 10 seconds to hit a wall or get stuck in the corner, which means I get to walk with him all over the house. :) But he is practicing walking, and he's having a blast. What more could a one-year-old, and the mom of a one-year-old, want?

In other news, Mom and Dad P. gave him this really great "pounding bench". You know the kind where you can pound pegs through indefinitely, just switching sides? We're working on teaching Jonathan that this is the ONLY toy that he gets to bang with impunity...and he must NEVER use the hammer against the glass door. :) Thankfully he can't bang very hard with it yet, and we have high hopes that he'll learn this lesson before doing any damage. Until then, this is another Mommy-intensive activity. :) He loves it, though. In fact, when we first took it out of the wrapping paper, Gabe let him look at it for a minute and then took it away (without really thinking!) to cut off the plastic wrappings. Jonathan let out this absolutely heartbreaking wail and cried a small river. When Gabe hurried back with the new toy, all was sunshine and smiles again.

Thanks to all family for the great gifts. Jonathan is a lucky little boy.


Mrs. Speckperson said...

We had one of those riding/walking thingys when we were young and my dad locked the steering wheel to one side and then we would just walk in a circle forever. He did this when we were on the patio - this way he could walk away and we wouldn't hit things. Maybe your patio is large enough.

Sarah said...

I hope MY present to him arrives soon. And when it does, I hope you think it is cool.

Jonathan said...

Mrs. Speckperson's father is an absolute genius. I hope I can think of things like that when I have kids.