Monday, April 17, 2006


We think he got it from me. :)

When I was small, my mom used to keep my busy by giving me a muffin tin and a dish of mixed beans. I would sit still for hours and sort them by type into the muffin cups.

Ok, yes, I was a little neurotic. :) But evidently I was having a good time, and being QUIET so I can see why Mom let me do it.

I have a feeling that when Jonathan is old enoughto know not to eat the beans or stick them up his nose or in his ears, he'll enjoy it too. Right now he likes to very carefully transfer blocks into our cupped hands, then out, then in again. Or stack pieces of paper into our hands, then back (still stacked!) onto the floor. Or put cheerios IN the cup, then take them OUT of the cup (yes, I think he might be starting to know those words.) He is so deliberate and methodical in these actions. He moves slowly and carefully and has such a definite purpose. I don't know what the purpose is, but he sure has one!

Do you suppose it is too early to see personality and character traits in him? Because if not, poor kid, he's going to end up like me. :)


Justy said...

I went with my dad to the men's breakfast on Saturday, and Jonathan had great fun putting his bottle of water IN my hand, and then taking it OUT again. In, out, in, out. At first I wasn't sure what he wanted me to do so I set it on the table, but he quickly picked it up again and put in back into my hands. I could see the little wheels in his head spinning :)

Dy said...

Oh, this stage of discovery is just delightful! There's a wee little light that says, "I get it" and we nod like idiots and shout, "YES YOU DO!! Oh, good for you!"

That joy and sense of elation at seeing your child discover and master new things? It just gets better and better, but the spontaneous delight of this time just cannot be matched.

Enjoy that sweet little one - and thank you for sharing his adventures. I get such a kick out of them.