Friday, April 14, 2006

Holy Week with a one-year-old

Not the same as Holy Week by myself or with my husband! I’m feeling a little disconnected from it all this year. Last night was Maundy Thursday, and since it is a 2 hour service that started at 7:30pm, I stayed home with Jonathan. For us right now, it just wasn’t realistic to go. So Gabe went to church and I watched a movie at home. Today I’d like to go to the Good Friday service, but since Gabe has our car and most of my friends have kids (and thus no extra seats in their cars) I sort of doubt we’ll be able to go. We are going to attend the Ante-Communion service tomorrow morning at 8am, but it’s the shortest service of the year (I think) and without the build-up of the Thursday and Friday services I think it may fall a little flat. Of course, since it is Holy Saturday, I suppose falling flat would be sort of appropriate.

Easter will still be Easter on Sunday. We’ll sing the Gloria and say “alleluia” again, and we’ll ring bells and praise God for his glory and love. Resurrection Sunday will happen even if I can’t fully participate in the days leading up to it. So…thanks be to God. And thanks be to Him for my son, who is a living example of God’s love and mercy and grace and life-giving-ness.

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Amber said...

7:30 is a rough time, isn't it. I skipped Maundy Thursday as well because of the little ones. Sometimes I can get Gregory down early enough that I can go out for something at 7:30, but I definitely can't count on it. I didn't go to the Good Friday service because Gregory was really unhappy yesterday afternoon (it was at 1:30) and that didn't seem like it would work well. I am hoping very much to go to the Saturday Vigil tonight though, as it is at 8:30 and I should definitely be able to have the little ones down in time to go.

Someday (hopefully a long time from now!) we won't have any little ones at home and we'll be able to go to any service we want. I know this will be bittersweet though, since just the thought brings tears to my eyes.