Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Reading and other updates

This morning Jonathan sat on my lap and we read books for 12 minutes. Seriously, folks, this is a record. Usually he submits for about 12 seconds and then crawls all over the place. I've been reading to him anyway, just letting him crawl and look at whatever he happens to be interested in, on the assumption that someday he'll figure out that reading with Mommy is fun. Maybe its working. :)

Jonathan likes to walk. But only holding onto my hands. He holds my fingers and walks slightly ahead of me, sort of pulling me along above/behind. It is really good practice for him, and we do it a lot, but sometimes I have other things to do that require the use of my hands. This is a cause of great grief to the poor child. Crawling isn't as much fun as walking with Mommy, you see.

He loves to play outside. Our back door is permanently open when it isn't raining, because Jonathan is so much happier with the option to go outside. He's pretty good about obeying the "stay on the patio" rule, and I hope that he will continue to get better about the "don't pick the flowers" rule. :)

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