Monday, April 24, 2006

Large families

I saw a neat family the other day. It was a family of seven - five children - and I'm pretty sure the oldest couldn't have been more than 8 years old. She was a beautiful little girl, and she was holding her tiny baby sister. I stopped to say hello and ask how old the baby was. The little girl holding her beamed with pride as she said "two weeks". She was so pleased to show off her sister, and it was obvious that she was proud to be trusted with her. The mom and dad were quite busy between shopping and taking care of the other three kids ("stay here, keep your hands on the cart!") but it was a good kind of busy. Not the type of flustered mother of two yelling at both her kids who (of course) ignore her completely. Not like that at all. This family was clearly happy, healthy, and the kids were already learning the value of family and true responsibility. I left the store smiling and praying that God would allow us to have a family like that one.


Dy said...

Oh, I hope He blesses you with all the children your heart can love! The thought of more than two children once scared me into partial-paralysis. Now, I look at our four and think, "Maybe James is right. We could do with two more." :-) Families are wonderful!


JeniBeans said...

I also have 4 children, with my oldest being almost 12 and autistic and my youngest being 2 weeks today. I think large families are an enormous blessing. Most learn good values and learn to be very helpful around the home and such, as well as caring and giving and helpful to others OUTside of the family. Mine are still learning this concept. hahaha We also would like to have 2 more. I need a bit of time to recoop from this one though. LOL