Sunday, October 24, 2010

Triple playtime (I mean bedtime)

Tonight we're moving Josiah into the boys' bedroom. I anticipate quite the party in there!

It sure looks like a lot of little boys when you see them all stacked up like this, doesn't it?

(Please excuse the blurriness of the photo...some little fingers found my camera this afternoon!)


Anonymous said...

what richness, Em -
how blessed these 3 little men are!

Anonymous said...

Emily, what a wonderful picture! I don't know how much sleeping will happen, but you have some great little boys there. :-)

Amber said...

How cute! And yes, I can imagine bedtime has just gotten a little more chaotic... but I'm sure the boys will like it!

We really need to get Nathan into Gregory's room... but now Matt is talking about building bunk beds. Not that I don't trust that he'll do it, but he is awfully busy... Perhaps it will happen before Nathan turns three? q

Anonymous said...

Hey Emily, ran across this link over at Padre' Longnecker's this morning, thot u might enjoy: