Sunday, October 10, 2010


Fair warning? Ok.

This is one of the most perceptive essays I have ever read on the current political climate. Peggy Noonan always writes well, and frequently has an ability to tease out the non-obvious (yet truly important) bits hidden in the political maelstrom. I read her article today and thought "yes, this is what bothers me, and I never knew what to call it."
For those who wonder why so many people have come to hate, or let me change it to profoundly dislike, "the elites," especially the political elite, here is one reason: It is because they have armies of accountants to do this work for them. Those in power institute the regulations and rules, and then hire people to protect them from the burdens and demands of their legislation. There is no congressman passing tax law who doesn't have staffers in his office taking care of his own financial life and who will not, when he moves down the street into the lobbying firm, have an army of accountants to protect him there.
. . .
This is part of why people dislike "the elites" and why "the elites," especially in Washington, must in turn be responsive, come awake, start to notice. People don't like it when they fear you are subtly, day by day, year by year, changing the personality and character of their nation. They think, "You are ruining our country and insulating yourselves from the ruin. We hate you." And this is understandable, yes?

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Hear, hear!