Friday, October 01, 2010

I guess 5 for 5 was asking too much...

We had a lovely 4 days, Monday through Thursday. Good, happy days, school enjoyed, chores accomplished, meals on the table.

This morning everyone got up on the WRONG side of bed. Cranky, cranky, cranky. Josiah threw a full-blown 2 year old tantrum: head, fists, and feet banging on the floor. It was almost funny. Only not.

Jonathan is irritated that we can't go to PE right now! And so has been in a rotten mood all morning.

Thomas is fine except that his brothers are both being mean to him, poor kid!

Mommy is considering sending EVERYONE back to bed. Myself included. Doesn't a fresh start sound appealing?

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Anonymous said...

Try going to a 4 day/week school weeks, it worked miracles for our family- 5 days is too many, especially for little ones. We ended up schooling nearly year round, which actually helped the children retain what they learned, it turned out to be a win win, all around for us.