Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Rain complicates things

I love the rain. I love the freshness in the air prior, during, and after a storm; the green trees brightening against grey clouds; the cold drops falling on my face. I love staying indoors and cuddling up with a book and a cup of hot tea, raising my eyes to watch drops rolling down the window and dripping off the roses into the kids' pool.

I love rain, but it does complicate things. You see, my children love the rain, too. The moment the first drop falls, they're running outside, cheering, encouraging God to send "more rain!" Now that we've had a real storm, there is mud outside, and puddles, and bits of wet leaves that stick to small legs and wet heads ("How did your hair get muddy?" "I don't know?")

They disrobe just inside the door, standing on a long-suffering and lately-filthy rug. Boots, socks, pants, underwear, shirts, sweater, jacket, soaking in a pile on the floor. Kids go directly to the shower, do not pass go, do not collect $200, clothes go directly to the washer. Another full load (how many have I done today?)

Washed, children climb into dry clothes and move on to the next game. Washed, wet clothes are added to the backlog in the basket. You see, the dryer is outside. In the rain.

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Amy said...

Oh no! I have the goal that the kids play outside everyday this year no matter what the weather so we've been dealing with lots of wet muddy clothes too!
I've been considering buying rain pants from LL Bean. Do you think it would actually help keep them dry and cut down on muddy clothes? Or is just a waste of money--would I just have to wash the rain pants and their clothes would somehow still end up muddy anyway?!
Unfortunately, Charlotte Mason doesn't cover that in her educational philosophy books!
Hoping for dry clothes for you soon :-)

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Amy, I have a feeling that rain pants would just increase the laundry loads. At least for me - my three boys can get EVERYTHING wet and muddy!

Your comment about CM philosophy made me laugh. :) Perhaps she would advocate letting the children learn to do the laundry!

Jen said...

LOL, I was reading it going "what's the problem?" Then I saw the dryer being outside part! Bummer!

Amber said...

You know, CM does talk about that in her first volume - she recommends lots of time outside, even in the rain, thick woolens in inclement weather and changing once the child is immediately inside. I think the maid does the washing and cleaning though. *grin* Ah, what a different age!

And yes, it is amazing how many pairs of pants kids can go through when it is rainy and muddy! I did buy a pair of LL Bean rainpants for my daughter when she was around 3 and they did help save on laundry. Even if they got muddy, the mud would just sort of brush/shake off and while they weren't immaculate, they would dry quickly and would generally keep the pants clean underneath. I would wash them when they got really grungy, but otherwise didn't worry about it too much. They were handed down to her brother and now it is about time to move them down again - so you can see they last too!

My two boys were out making a "mud battlefield" this morning... the clothing actually wasn't too bad, but the muddy footprints from the toddler who hasn't quite learned that he is supposed to take his rain boots off as soon as he gets inside is another matter entirely!

Mom said...

Wait! What about sailing sailboats in the puddles and singing nautical folk songs for "grog"? Have these traditions gone by the wayside?! (I guess that would mean either you or Gabe would be getting wet also, meaning more laundry!)

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Mom, they were definitely sailing boats in the puddles. :) But for some reason I can't get them excited about singing for grog!