Friday, September 04, 2009


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If you follow birth issues at all, you have probably heard about Dr. Stuart Fischbein's current legal problems. In brief: the hospital where he practices has banned breech births and VBACs, both of which Dr. Fischbein has been overseeing for his entire career (and with a stellar safety record.) The hospital has recently told him that if he performs one more vbac, they will "summarily suspend" his privileges.

"My hospital says if I do another VBAC or elective breech delivery, they’re going to “summarily suspend my privileges.” Until I can solve this problem one way or the other, if I do another breech delivery or VBAC, I’m going to jeopardize all my patients’ care. I’m going to have to tell my patients that if they want a vaginal breech delivery, they’re going to have to go some place else."
Read the entire interview here at Stand and Deliver. It is very long, but I think it is an incredible outline of what is going on, not only in his own situation but in the larger world of vbac and breech birth issues.

You can read more from Dr. Fischbein on his website.

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Amy said...

I had a c-section with my first since she was breech but the next two have been vbacs!! I feel the same way.