Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Giraffe - learning time

These are probably my favorite animals. So when Jonathan asked to learn about them, I thought that was a great idea! Here is what we did this afternoon:

Coloring page

Basic fact sheet

Giraffe letterhead paper (Jonathan wrote a letter to a friend on this, telling him what he'd learned about giraffes. It makes me happy that he's narrating without knowing it. I bet this sort of thing will make "formal" narration easier later.)

Man vs. Giraffe running race!

Handwriting practice
Jonathan balks a little at this, because he'd rather just write without paying attention to the details. I've waffled back on forth on whether I should just let him play with it, or give some attention to correct writing. Right now I'm leaning toward a very little bit of detailed work (we only copied two words today) because I don't want him to teach himself bad habits without any correction at all.

Giraffe jigsaw puzzle

And last, a cute video of a baby giraffe.

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Trace said...

Wow what a fun way to learn! Giraffes are one of my favorite animals and my hubby's too. We always head straight to the giraffe area when we go to the zoo. I love those pics!