Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Aren't these beautiful animals? I love the spots.

We found a couple of coloring pages - Jonathan was concerned that he couldn't color carefully enough to manage the spots! We ended up using a sharpie marker so that he could just touch each spot to color them in.

A basic fact page, as well as a page about babies. Jonathan is very interested in size right now; he wants me to show him what a foot or a half a pound "looks like" with my hands.

Did you know that cheetahs don't roar? They chirp! No kidding - they sound more like birds than cats!

A jigsaw puzzle, of course. I love this site - we've been learning about all kinds of animals and so far there has been a puzzle for ALL of them!

Handwriting practice, which Jonathan informs me "makes his hands too tired to color". Poor overworked little boy.

And his favorite part: videos! We found a cute one of cubs at a zoo, as well as a pretty cool montage of cheetahs running. A cheetah in motion is one of the most amazing sights. Beauty and raw power - wow.

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