Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday boy

Josiah turned one today!

We had pizza for dinner,

German chocolate cupcakes for dessert. I think he liked it.

And after dinner Gabe and the boys put together Josiah's new ride-on truck.

I think he liked that, too.

This is the first birthday for which I've had the pleasure of watching the older boys enjoy their younger brother's special day. Jonathan sang "happy birthday" to Siah on more than one occasion during the day, and Thomas wandered around saying "Siah's birthday! Happy birthday!" I love being a family. I love getting to watch as we grow up together. I love my boys.

Happy Birthday, Josiah.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday! Too cute! My Clara just turned one too!

Ma Torg said...

I have so much fun celebrating my kids birthdays too! And your boys are so darling.