Friday, September 11, 2009

Almost one

I can't really call Josiah a baby anymore. I do anyway, because he's still my littlest, but he's growing up so fast it hardly applies! I feel like he's turned into a little boy in the past two weeks - blink blink and he's all grown up.

He's walking now, pushing a little walker around outside. He can take about four or five steps before deciding that crawling is quicker. I just bought him his first pair of soft shoes. Seriously, when did you last see something this cute?

He loves to clap his hands, both when we ask him to and when he thinks he's done something exciting.

Every now and then he waves "bye bye". Once he accompanied that with "ba ba" which excited me greatly but which hasn't yet been repeated. He is babbling so much more now, enjoying the sounds he can create.

Josiah eats at least three times as much as his brothers currently consume. I serve all three of them the same amount at dinner, coax Jonathan and Thomas to eat theirs, and give Josiah thirds. I guess he's growing. He's also drinking water and milk out of sippy cups, and loves drinking Sarah's green smoothies from my glass.

He's not nursing much anymore during the day, and I'm not sure he really cares about it anymore. When we do nurse he usually has to be convinced that it is a good idea, and won't stick with it very long. Night time, now that is a different story. Josiah loves to nurse when he's mostly asleep. Last night he woke up six times between 9:30pm and 7am (this, even though I usually only let him nurse once or twice.) We're about to start a serious attempt at breaking that cute little habit.

Josiah wants to do everything his brothers do. Everything. Especially climbing on things. He's quite good at climbing up; getting down is the problem!

At bed and naptime Josiah loves to get kisses from his brothers. It is such a joy to see their smiles and watch the love getting passed around. They may argue and fuss at each other, but I think they'll end up being good friends.


sarah marie said...

Hey sis, you may not know this having known me for only 26 years, but my name has an H on the end of it... thus the link to my blog needs one in there, too. I tried to click through because I'm at heart a vain person, and the link didn't work.


Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Sorry, SaraH, that's what happens when I type to fast. :) It is fixed now.