Monday, September 28, 2009

Real maple syrup - affordable!

I grew up with real maple syrup on my pancakes, and I'd like to continue the tradition...but it is usually SO EXPENSIVE!

So I was thrilled to read about this deal, available on Amazon, for organic grade B maple syrup. I do not know how long this deal lasts, so I'd recommend hurrying. :)

Thanks, Hip2Save!

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Amber said...

I found a 32 oz. container of Grade A maple syrup at Costco for about $12.50 on Friday. They usually have a good price on it without having to go through all the hoops (but of course you need a membership!). It was more expensive last year (around $16-$17) but the price dropped significantly over the summer.

TJ's usually has a good price too... but not as good as Costco.