Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Snow trip!

Jonathan has been begging to go to the mountains to play in the snow for MONTHS. We tried, on two different occasions, and the weather thwarted us (once there was no snow at all, and once there was so much snow that chains were required!) But last Saturday the proper weather coincided with a weekend, and off we went!

Getting closer...at this point I was starting to get worried that there wouldn't actually be enough snow to play in...

But there was.

Gabe's dad told us about a wonderful place to play in the snow. It is in Running Springs, a little playground next to the library (bathrooms!!!) with a large empty field behind it. Perfect for snow play!

Gabe tried to build a snowman with the boys, but the snow just wasn't the right type. Oh well.

They tried.

I'm a northern california girl. When I think "snow" I think "COLD". Apparently southern california does snow warm. We definitely didn't need all the snow gear I'd rounded up for the occasion!

This tree seemed to be having some difficulty. I thought it was funny. :)

Jonathan is so independent. He ran all over the snowy field, especially up the hill that was perfect for sliding.

Thomas is not. He spent his time either in our arms or asking to be picked up. See?

But he did have fun when I took him sliding down the hill. See that smile?

I had very wet pants, but it was worth it. :)

After we finished playing, we went over here to have warm drinks:

It is a real coffeeshop, privately owned and with tons of character. We sat at a table downstairs near this lovely childrens' play area. Gabe and I actually got to sip coffee and read books while the kids entertained themselves!!!

We drove home in the midafternoon and all three boys fell asleep in the car. It was pretty much a perfect family outing, and we plan to make it a tradition each winter.


Cowen Family said...

A friend of ours actually supplies the yummy treats they sell there! How we miss the mountains now that other friends of ours have relocated. Love Running Springs/Green Valley Lake. The little pizza place in town has the best Garlic Bread Knots....yummmmm!

ACMe said...

Awwwww! Looks like you guys had fun. :)Running Springs there is really a wonderful place for playing in the snow :)Even Patches liked it last year. :P

Ma Torg said...

that sounds wonderful! How fun. Glad you all had such a great family day.