Sunday, February 08, 2009

Coupons and a healthy diet

A very common misconception (one that I held for quite awhile) is that you can save money with coupons, but only on junk food that you probably shouldn't be eating anyway. I was thinking about this today when I was putting away our weekly groceries. While it is quite true that you will never get a coupon for lettuce or apples, there are plenty of healthy foods that DO offer coupons.

Total pre-sale and pre-coupon value: $152
Coupon savings: $33
Today's total spent: $67

Healthy foods? Well, among other things, this trip included two packages of cheese (non-processed), 12 containers of yogurt, frozen vegetables, brown rice, and multi-grain cereal, all of which were purchased with coupons.

As for the not-so-healthy food you see in the picture, well, I certainly don't want to PAY for brownie mix, now do I? :)

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sarah marie said...

I had a coupon for lettuce just this week! It was a Shaw's store coupon - not a MQ obviously - but still cool. And last week I got 10 cans of organic crushed tomatoes and lots of frozen bags of organic veggies for cheap - awesome! You have to love getting healthy things on the cheap.