Monday, February 02, 2009

CPSIA one year stay

I'm not going out of business (yet)! :) The powers that be have granted a one year stay of the CPSIA. Factually, this means that nothing changes for one more year (until Feb. 10th, 2010). We still can't sell products with lead in them, per current laws, but we don't have to prove that there isn't lead in them.

Theoretically, the year could be spent fixing the law. I hope that is what happens.

Big, big, sigh of relief.

And now, since I am STILL IN BUSINESS (!!!) why don't you all toddle over to Lullaby Slings and find a nice gift for someone you know? And remember that I love custom orders. :)

(Thanks to those of you who emailed and commented to tell me about this. I first found out directly from the CPSIA auto-emails last Friday, but didn't get a blog post up about it until now.)

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Ouiz said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I didn't see this news come through! I am so excited!!! What a relief...

Praying that they will figure out what to do....