Friday, January 02, 2009

Three boys

How they grow!

This evening I left Josiah lying on the bed on his back. A moment later Jonathan called "Hey, Josiah likes tummy time!" I returned to find Josiah rolled over onto his tummy - not exactly enjoying tummy time, but quite definitely not in the position I'd left him!

Well, little three-month-old, you certainly are growing up.

Josiah is such a happy, happy baby. He loves to watch his big brothers as they play, and he is content in a swing beside me as I sew during naptime. He smiles with his whole face - mouth wide open and eyes crinkled - and laughs out loud when we play with him.

Thomas has a speech therapist now. She comes to our house twice a week, and we are starting to hear results. He's more verbal, and his sounds are becoming closer to words. He's so proud of himself when he discovers how to make a new sound - a couple of weeks ago he said "baa" to almost everything, so pleased that he could. :)

He is very good at building with duplo blocks - great tall towers - and enjoys drawing pictures on his magnadoodle (our Christmas present for him this year). He is incredibly sweet to Josiah; every night before bedtime he wants to kiss Josiah on both cheeks and the top of his head.

Thomas has a smile that lights up the room and gladdens my heart. He has his faults, but overall he is one of the sweetest children I've ever known.

Jonathan is getting closer and closer to being a four-year-old. Not just chronologically, although he is that as well of course, but developmentally. I look at him and I don't so much see a three-year-old anymore. He is growing up by leaps and bounds. He can dress himself entirely without assistance (do you realize what a wonderful thing that is? I can send him off to get dressed and he does!) and chooses more and more advanced stories when we read together. He creates incredible scenes with his duplos and brio trains - his imagination and creative ability surprise me almost every day. Jonathan has started to draw pictures of people - a circular head with two large circular eyes inside, and two lines dropping down from the head for legs. They look a little alien-esque, but it is obviously the beginning of intentional "reality" drawings.

Jonathan lives in a make-believe world much of the time. Whatever we have recently read about or seen in a movie gets acted out for days at a time. Recently we let him watch Mary Poppins, and he's been dancing, singing, and being the characters in that movie ever since. It makes me smile, and also gives me pause as I realize how very, very careful we must be in our choices of stories and movies.

I love our little family. It is a good life we are living here.


mhcowen said...

I love the picture of them. What good looking boys you have:) I am blessed for you that you have the speech therapist now. It really helped Matthew. His progress was slow but looking back, all the hard work was definitely worth it. Where does time go?

Linds said...

It's sounds like a great little world. :)

Amber said...

What a beautiful picture! Isn't it wonderful to step back now and again and think, "Wow, I am so blessed!"

Libby said...

Those are the sweetest little nephews in the world.

Jessica said...

Okay, it took me a moment to figure out which one was Jonathan - Thomas is getting so big!

And so's Josiah. Wow.

sarah marie said...

The cutest boys in the world!