Saturday, January 31, 2009

CVS fun run 1/31

Tonight my husband indulged my hobby, and Josiah and I spent some time running around CVS. I love it. I love the thinking and the quiet and the time away. And getting stuff for free is always good, too. :)

Here is the result of our efforts:

And this is how we did it:

Transaction #1 (first store - this is the one closest to my house with a really nice manager, but they often don't have all the things I'm trying to buy.)

4.99 Head and Shoulders shampoo
1.19 CVS cough drops

-1.19 CVS cough drop coupon
-1.00 H&S MQ
-3.00 ecb

= $1.15 oop
earned $3.00 ecbs

I had wanted to buy one of the new Fusion Gamer razors, but they didn't have them yet. I asked for a rain check, and the nice manager wrote one up and then said "this will just get confusing with the ecbs - I'll just give them to you now." So I got an extra $4 ecbs just because I wanted to buy something they didn't have in stock. Nice.

At the larger 24 hour store they had a lot of things that I wanted, including a January "free after ecb" item that I'd pretty much given up on ever finding!

Transaction #1
$7.99 Gillette Fusion Gamer razor
$4.99 Gillette shampoo

-$4.00 Gillete gamer MQ
-$4.99 buy razor, get shampoo MQ
-$3.99 ecb (adjusted down from $4)

= $0.74 oop
earned $4 and $3 ecbs

Transaction #2
$7.99 Gillette Fusion Gamer razor
$4.99 Gillete body wash
$7.99 NasoGel

-$2.00 NasoGel MQ
-$4.00 Gillete gamer MQ
-$4.99 body wash MQ
-$4.00 ecb
-$3.00 ecb
-$2.98 ecb (adjusted from $3)

= $0.91 oop
earned $4 and $7.99 ecbs

Transaction #3

$4.99 Head and Shoulders shampoo
$7.99 NasoGel
$1.29 Comet cleanser
$0.89 Dove dark chocolate

-$1.00 H&S MQ
-$2.00 NasoGel MQ
-$4.00 ecb
-$7.99 ecb

= $0.36 oop
earned $3 and $7.99 ecbs

Total spent: $3.16 oop and $3.00 original ecbs. Since I have more ecbs than I started with, however, this trip resulted in a net profit of $4.83.

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Ouiz said...

Fantastic job! I haven't been able to get to CVS lately...