Monday, January 05, 2009

CVS 1/4/09

(to give away):
18 soyjoy bars
3 johnson and johnson first aid kits
6 colgate toothpaste
1 fructis shampoo
1 bandaid
4 stayfree
2 cvs pantiliners

Most of these are things that we do use, but I already have plenty and I don't feel the need to stockpile in every corner. :)

(to keep and use):
6 throat coolers
1 pkg cvs heatwraps
3 rolls cvs mailing tape
40 rolls cottonelle tp
4 rolls cvs tp
clearance christmas candy (we do our stockings on Epiphany, so we get awesome deals!)

I'm not going to detail exactly how this worked out, because it would take too long. BUT the results were pretty awesome. I started with $6 in ecbs. I spent $6.53 oop. And I ended up with all this and $12.99 in ecbs, for a net profit of $0.46. And I would have spent the same amount on just 1/3 of the tp if I'd bought it on sale at the grocery store. Pretty sweet. :)


mhcowen said...

I have been trying to figure this thing out for a few weeks. I was so excited to "try" last week at CVS and then realized I did not have my coupons:( Is it as easy and laid out as Grocery Game or do you have to go with all your coupons in hand and then figure out how? Please help. I LOVE to save and get great deals, esp on things we need! Thanks a million!

sarah marie said...

Did you use the throat coolers BOGO coupons? Unlimited prints! I don't really need those, but maybe I should go get some anyway and donate them! Last night I was packing up some stuff (since we're hopefully moving in the nearish future...), and I have an entire blue bin full of coupon CVS/Walgreens purchases, haha! Nathan said, "Disturbing..."

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Hey Hannah,
This particular trip was pretty complicated - not the best place for you to start! Take a look at some of my earlier CVS posts (last week and the week before) to see some simpler options. Also, has a weekly $5 CVS Challenge, and you can gets lots of good ideas from the people who post there. That's where I started out.