Friday, January 23, 2009

Kicking and screaming

That is me, being dragged into homeschooling. :)

My little son just doesn't want to wait. He would like to be able to read and spell right NOW, thank you very much. He wants to learn, and he is always asking me to teach him things, and I've finally realized that I am missing a huge opportunity if I don't take advantage of this time of incredible curiosity. So I have resolved to spend some time each day doing "table time" with him, playing a game or playing with letters or doing an art project. Hold me to that, will you, readers? It is easy to get side tracked or think that other things are more important. But they aren't. And I need to remember that. We're home four out of five days a week now and I really have no excuse not to make this happen!

So. Today I got out the magnet board. He wanted me to help him spell "iguana". And then "frog". And "octopus".

So we did, and we sounded out each letter and then broke the words into shorter pieces, and then put the whole word together and said the sounds quickly. He is thrilled.

I'm teaching my firstborn to read. And it isn't even hard.


sarah marie said...

What a classy magnet board! :) And a cute kid using it, with a very good mom to help him...!

Cowen Family said...

Too bad we live this far away...the boys would be great in demonstrating "iron sharpening iron." Matthew LOVES all the above. I have a hard time keeping up. Sometimes I think I will leave him a note if I run out to the car so he will not worry if he wakes up from his nap...then I remind myself he is not at that point...yet. It will come before I know it! Yikes! Where was I when they grew up!? I will hold you accountable...will you hold me?