Wednesday, January 07, 2009

CPSIA update

Well, it is a start. It looks like electronics with lead components inside (and thus inaccessible to children) will be exempted. Also, wool, cotton, gemstones, and pearls are included in the exemptions proposed today. Why they didn't include wood, I can't imagine.

This still leaves many questions, particularly those regarding component vs. whole item testing. As it stands, exempting cotton allows me to sell one style of mei tai (with no drawstring) but not the other style and not slings.

Still, it is a start. I'm glad that the CPSC is listening to the concerns, and I hope that in the next month it will make the rest of the needed changes. Please, keep contacting your representatives:

congressional representatives
and senators



Jessica said...

Well, it'd have to be a mei-tai made of undyed cotton (both cloth and thread), because apparently dyed material is not exempt. I think. I'm also not sure if cloth or thread is exempt, because they've been processed (i.e., aren't just the raw fibers).

Jessica said...

although . . . I know you can't use toggles, but could you make the same toggle-style mei-tai and just make it so it tightened and then tied instead of tightened and toggled - maybe using cotton cord or braided cotton yarn?