Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Two kids

Sometimes I wonder if we were crazy to think that we could handle two children. That generally occurs around 6pm, when both children are crying, dinner isn't ready, and I need twice as many arms as God gave me.

Then there are times, like this morning, when my home is tranquil and my children are happily entertaining each other (!!!) and I can sit back and just enjoy the moment.

Sometimes it feels like the first situation happens a lot more than the second. But when those moments come, I know that I'm glad God blessed us with two.


Kelly said...

It is really hard the first few months having two. Those precious moments of harmony will go a long way, believe me! I think God gives those moments special grace during this time that they may give us the courage, joy and strength we need to continue in the struggle of parenthood with a loving heart.

On another note, I am impatiently checking your blog 100 times a day awaiting the birth story!!!

Emily said...

:) Sorry, Kelly. I think I've just needed some time to come to terms with it before I could write about it. I started last night, actually, so at least you can know I'm working on it!