Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Baby update

This is quick, because I'm about to put Jonathan down for a nap. But I thought many of you would be interested in what is going on. At least, judging from the number of "have you had that baby yet?" phone calls, quite a lot of you seem to be interested! :)

I am officially overdue, no matter which due date you look at. I've had three different dates, but they've all passed now.

I'm experiencing (off and on) what is called prodromal labor. This basically means that I'm in labor, sort of, but the contractions remain at the same intensity and don't get closer together. I spent about two days having contractions every fifteen minutes, without actually going into active labor. Yuck. There actually isn't anything wrong with this kind of labor - every contraction does do something, and is one more that I won't have to go through in active labor! The only concern is that if it goes on for days and days, lack of sleep can cause problems once active labor does actually begin. Thankfully, yesterday and today I'm only having intermittent contractions, and was able to sleep much more soundly at night. So that is good news.

Basically we're just waiting now. Thomas is very low, so when labor does get going, it should go fairly quickly. If I'm having contractions, I'm supposed to encourage my body to keep having them. On the other hand, at night before bed I'm supposed to do everything in my power to not have any. :)

We would be grateful for prayer for patience as we wait, and also for me to be able to sleep well and enough so that when labor does really get going I'll have the stamina I need.


Amber said...

Thanks for the update, I've been praying for you!

I found that a warm shower and sometimes a small glass of wine were very helpful at this point in my pregnancy w/ Gregory. I hope you can continue to sleep decently at night!

Elena said...

You're (all!)in our prayers!

Miss Jen said...

Thanks for the update! I've been anxiously checking the blog for news!

Dy said...

Ooooohhhh! It's getting close! How exciting!! (Well, exhausting is probably more applicable at the moment.) Rest up, rest well, snuggle that sweet baby. Soon your lap and your heart will be doubly full! {{{hugs}}}


Camiva Mom said...

We are going to be definetly be "praying for patience as you all wait, and also for you to be able to sleep well so when labor does really get going you'll have the stamina you need."

In Christ,
The Owens Clan