Sunday, February 25, 2007

Isn't it great

when you discover that the thing you wished existed because it would make your life easier...actually exists?

Back when I first started blogging, it was meant to be a chronicle of Jonathan's first year. Because of that, I was fairly religious about "backing up" my blog in a word document. For at least a few months. After that I forgot, and when I remembered, it was such a mammoth task that it just never got done. But I've been thinking recently - "what if blogger crashed and lost everything?" and "what if I want an actual 'baby book'?" - you know, since that was the point in the first place? And so I've been trying to reconcile myself to finding time to back up two years of blog posts.

Huh. Who am I kidding?

However! It turns out there is a new program out (still in beta) that will "slurp" your blog posts off your blog (for free) and if you want to pay them, they'll even turn your blog into a book!

Now, I can't yet vouch for this program, since I haven't actually used it yet. And I highly doubt that I'll want to pay them to turn two years of posts into a book (mercy heavens $$$$$$$$$!!!!!) But isn't it a cool idea?

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andie @ and the mama said...

Hi...I popped over here from the link at Dy's. There is an add-on for Mozilla's Firefox (free, both) called "Scrapbook" and it's *brilliant*! I saved a year + worth of blogging in just a few minutes.