Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Train station

The Saturday before last, Gabe took Jonathan to the Fullerton train station to watch the trains. To say that it was a hit would be an understatement. Since then I have been treated to many, many, many requests to return to said train station. And our son is nothing if not persistent - these requests can last for a very long time.

He starts by reminiscing about how green lights mean that a train is coming, and we talk about how much fun it was to see the trains, and how Daddy will probably take him to see the trains again, and why don't we ask Daddy tonight if he'll take you to see the trains again some time? Maybe you can even go this weekend. No, not now, we can't go see the trains because we don't have the car. Daddy has the car. Yes, you can ask Daddy to take you. Walk station? Huh? Oh. No, we can't walk to the station, clever boy, it is too far away. We'll have to wait until Daddy can drive you in the car. Yes, trains are wonderful. I know that you want to go see the train station again. Again, yes I know. Again. I bet Daddy will take you to see the trains again. Maybe this weekend. You'll have to ask him when he comes home tonight. Can you remember to ask Daddy when he comes home tonight? No, Mommy can't take you to the train station. Yes, the train station was a lot of fun. I know you like the train station. Yes, the green light means the train is coming. Can we talk about something, anything, other than the train station?

Apparently not.


Sarah Marie said...

Hahaha! Does he have any toy trains? Didn't Christopher make him a really cool wooden train? Maybe that can be a meager substitute until somebody, anybody, loves the poor guy enough to take him to see the trains again! ;-)

Emily said...

Yes, he has a beautiful train that Christopher made...but evidently it just doesn't compare to the real thing! (I tried!)