Friday, February 23, 2007

Brotherly love

This morning Jonathan decided that it was time to introduce Thomas to the joys of cars and trucks. He brought two of his current favorites in, gently placed them on Thomas, and informed me happily that he was "sharing". He then proceeded to hum and rock Thomas in his car seat...with this result. :)

Yesterday and today we seem to have turned a corner. Jonathan is still a bit jealous of Thomas, particularly toward the end of the day when Thomas just wants to nurse constantly and Jonathan just wants all my attention all the time, but for the most part I'm finding that Thomas actually entertains Jonathan. Even when he's just sleeping! Jonathan will often ask "Baby Thomas wake up?" even in the midst of my playing with him! When Thomas is out in the room with us, even if he's asleep in his seat, Jonathan is much happier to play independently than he has been in the past. He simply shows all of his toys to Thomas, sings to Thomas, rocks Thomas, etc. It is definitely not what I was expecting.

Of course, I still have to be right there, because "gentle" is a concept that Jonathan isn't particularly good at, yet. And the late afternoon/evenings (after naps) take absolutely all the creativity I can come up with, and then some! So I end up exhausted by the time Gabe gets home. But on the whole, this two children thing is going much, much better than I expected.

Hence the chance to take pictures and post on my blog. :)

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Dy said...

Those are the things I cherish so deeply, and the ones that helped me truly understand God's family, brotherly love (and all it's misguided good intentions) - oh, the wonderful, joyful, amazing lessons parenthood holds. And we get them through these delightful little ones!