Friday, February 23, 2007

I seem to have run out of words

At least for the time being. Probably because I have "must write the birth story" running around in my head, only I can't yet. And it is causing a log jam of posting.

But the pictures - they're turning out just fine. :)

Our boys

Jonathan and Mommy enjoying some non-Thomas time. :)

Thomas didn't sleep well last night because he has a cold - but he is sure making up for it this morning! Isn't he sweet?

Meanwhile Jonathan enjoyed some kitchen sink playtime.

This was his own idea - it is a fish tank for his porpoise to swim in.


Sarah Marie said...

Such handsome nephews I have! Jonathan is so thin - I especially noticed on the bathtub picture. He's a wiry little guy. Thomas looks precious in that sleeping photo. What does Jonathan think of Thomas?

Amber said...

I understand about the log-jam effect, I've experienced that myself. I'm glad that you're still able to post pictures!! We really enjoyed these. Thomas is a beautiful baby, and Jonathan looks so big and yet so small still.

Oh, and we have those porpoises too! *grin*