Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The little things - WFMW

Today Shannon is hosting a themed version of Works for me Wednesdays: Love Sweet Love. What a great idea!

I've been sitting here, trying to think of something inspiring that I've done recently to love my husband. But the truth is that I can't think of much. The last few weeks of this pregnancy have been pretty rough, and I'm afraid that most of the active loving has been on his side.

So I want to list off some of the daily "little things" that my husband has done to love me recently.

1) Childcare. When Gabe walks in the door, he takes over with Jonathan. He doesn't ask if I need it, he doesn't complain that he'd really rather read his book, he just walks in the door, drops his bag, and jumps straight into a game with his son while I finish up dinner (or drop in exhaustion!)

2) Dishes. By evening, I'm often so tired that the last thing I want to do is stand on my feet. Gabe has been gracious enough to help keep the kitchen clean enough to keep the ant invasion at bay!

3) Backrubs. I'm a touch-oriented girl anyway, so I like backrubs under any circumstances! But they become very important to me during pregnancy. Gabe has spent the past nine months giving me a before-bed backrub, nearly every single night. No matter how tired he is, he never complains that I'm keeping him up.

4) Hugs and kisses and admiration. Gabe thinks that I'm beautiful and desirable, and he makes sure that I know it every day. Particularly on days when I feel like a beached whale. :)

5) Projects around the house. "Handy-man-ing" isn't something that Gabe enjoys. Actually, I think he pretty much dislikes it intensely! But when a project needs to be done, he figures out how to do it and gets it done. Lately we've had quite a list of "things to get finished before Thomas arrives" and Gabe has tackled them without complaint. (They're almost done!)

Come to think of it, these aren't "little things" at all. But they are daily examples of how much my husband loves me. And I am grateful for him.

Now I'm going to go read some good tips for how to love my husband - join me over at Shannon's site! :)


weavermom said...

You are one lucky girl! :) What a beautiful tribute.

Tammy said...

Oh are blessed indeed!

Amber said...

What a great post! There are definitely times when marriages are rather lopsided, but I think in a good marriage these times even out overall. And even if they don't, well, then that's ok too since we're not married in order for things to be fair. *grin*