Monday, November 30, 2009

Software development and music composition

Not the sort of things I usually think of together, but the results here are wonderful. I knew Scott Ward back in college, but had no idea he had this kind of unusual talent. As a musician married to a developer, I appreciated the performance on a whole variety of levels - I hope you enjoy it too. Scott, if you ever read this, thank you!


Jessica said...

That's great! Go, Scott!

But what does he mean "even Opera". Pshaw! Opera rocks. :D

Katie said...

Yeah he's actually written quite a collection of songs (I think this is the only one that touches on geek themes though). If you're interested in hearing more, let me know - we recorded some of them last time we saw him (I'm assuming he wouldn't mind... right Scott?) Some are really fun like this one, some really deep and powerful. Even if I didn't know him, I'd want to buy an album of them! :)