Thursday, November 05, 2009

Open letter to Vons

To Whom It May Concern:

I was very disappointed to read the fine print in your most recent store coupons. It stated “With a single purchase of $50 or more in a single visit after deduction of Club Card Savings and manufacturers’ coupons.” While I certainly understand having a purchase requirement, and I understand requiring the amount to be after club card (i.e. store sale) savings, I do not understand the requirement for the total requirement to be met after manufacturer’s coupons. Manufacturers’ coupons are not a discount that you (the store) are offering. You are reimbursed by the manufacturer, so in essence, a coupon is like cash. Because of this, I do not see any reason for you to require me to pay $50 after coupons, because that is actually requiring a much higher purchase amount. If I pay $50 cash after coupons, and I also used $15 worth of coupons, you are actually getting $65.

Vons coupon policies used to be quite attractive, but in the past year or so they have become more and more restrictive. I am often frustrated by the new requirement to only accept two like coupons, as I have a large family and usually want to purchase more than two items! You get reimbursed for all the coupons, so why limit my purchase to only two?

I love my local Vons – you have some really great staff there – but I have a large family and a limited budget. The fact is that your restrictive coupon policies are very close to driving me to a different store. Because in the same time period that you have become more difficult and restrictive, Albertsons has become more coupon friendly and has lowered most of their prices. It is fast becoming a better deal to shop there.

I hope you give some thought to this. I have been a Vons shopper for 5 years (most of my adult life) so I think it might matter to you that your coupon policies have made me seriously consider going elsewhere.

Emily Moothart

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Jen said...

I don't know if they do it out there, but here our Fry's store (Ralphs) doubles coupons, and accepts expired coupons. Right now they're also accepting all manufacturer's coupons and all coupons under a dollar are worth a dollar, regardless of their face value. (Coupons over a dollar are still worth their face value). Might be worth investigating :)