Sunday, November 22, 2009


I wrote this on Friday and forgot to post it until now. :)

This morning we had our carpets cleaned. Which means that last night I picked up everything possible off the floor, moved the strollers out to the van, and made a mental list for this morning. And this morning I moved everything that could possibly be moved off the carpet. And when I say everything, I mean everything that isn’t nailed down or two heavy to move without multiple people. :) Carpet cleaning happens rarely around here (it’s expensive!) so when it does, I plan to take advantage of it!

And now my carpet is clean, and I’m sitting in an absolutely beautiful and very, very empty house, and I don’t want to put it all back.

Did I mention that I think I’m a minimalist at heart?

Outside on my back patio are children’s toys, a baby gate, recycle bins, a laundry hamper, bookshelves, more children’s toys, a coffee table, and a bookshelf we’ve been trying to sell for weeks without success. In my van are three strollers, only one of which is well-serving the purpose for which it was purchased. On top of my bed is a rocking chair, a chest, piles of books, wrapping paper, blankets and pillows, and everything that has been living under my bed.

I’d like to bundle it all up and ship it…elsewhere! Certainly not pack it all back inside where it was before.

I’m curious how others handle the competing needs: for clean, spacious room to live, and all the things that having children seems to bring into life. Do you ever just get rid of tons of stuff? And if so, do you find that you miss it later? Do your (my!) kids really need everything they own, or would we all be happier in a home with more space to play and fewer things?

*And now I have to laugh at myself, because apparently I feel this way every time we do a major carpet clean.*

UPDATED to add that I did take three bags and two large items to our local Life Center, and we also have three other VERY large things that we're considering selling. That will help with the space problems!

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Ma Torg said...

I SO KNOW THE FEELING! Like every day!

One thing we did learn when we moved to England is you can do without a lot. And even though you do sometimes miss stuff--you get over it. Coming back, we were quite overwhelmed with all the stuff we have and I am planning a huge reduction in stuff during the school break.

Our kids had about one small suitcase full of books and toys to play with in England (that's including the bulky baby dolls and favorite balnkies). They did just fine.

However, I did supplement lack of toys iwht lots of art projects and lots of cardboard projects. I think the last year of minimal living caused our girls imaginitave play to grow in leaps and bounds. I highly recommend it.