Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hair, or, the lack thereof

Josiah has had really terrible cradle cap since birth. I've mostly just ignored it, but lately it has been flaking off quite a bit and it really is kind of yucky. So last night when I was giving him a bath, I decided to try an olive oil treatment that I'd read about. Seemed simple - rub olive oil into his hair, scrub his head, then wash as usual.

He loved having his head scrubbed. Seriously LOVED it. I wonder if it has been itchy for awhile. And it all came off!

So did his hair. All of it in the front and on the top of his head (where the cradle cap was). He looked ridiculous!

Which is how I came to give him the closest buzz cut I ever hope to give. :) He's pretty cute anyway, don't you think?



Like New Suits said...
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allegra said...

Eva had a tiny bit of cradle cap when she was a newborn, and something similar happened to me (minus the olive oil scrub). It's disconcerting to have your baby's hair fall out in that way, isn't it? It's a good thing you have boys - Josiah's buzz cut is so cute.

Jenn said...

Must you even ask? Of course he's still cute!

He's grown so much since the last time we saw him ... how can we convince you to move closer so we can see you and your (growing up too fast!) family more often? :)

MirCat said...

I'm sorry, Em, but I just laughed SO HARD at the mental image of you diligently giving you little one a nice, luxurious olive oil scrub and all his hair rinsing off!!! :) Thanks so much for sharing. :) ~still chuckling

Mom said...

I can remember doing the same cradle cap treatment with one of you - can't remember which one, though. I think I just used regular vegetable oil. No hair loss though. Good thing, if it was you or Sarah! Josiah still looks cute as can be! (And I agree with Jenn - did you even need to ask?)

Ma Torg said...

That is both incredibly gross and incredibly hilarious!!! HA!

Amber said...

Oh how funny! I've had that happen with Gregory to a milder extent - he didn't lose everything on top, but it definitely got a lot thinner. I did it a earlier on though, so it wasn't as noticeable. I so dislike that cradle cap flakiness though - yuck! All three of them have had it, but Gregory's was by far the worst.

And yes, of course he is still cute as can be. :-)