Saturday, November 28, 2009

More worm farming

Our worm farm has been doing quite well, which is amazing considering how we forget about it for days at a time! Today I realized that the worms were pretty much living in their own castings, which isn't good for them. So we traumatized them utterly by turning their living space upside down and inside out, then added new shredded paper bedding and greens. Here is the result:

The part on the bottom (of the picture, anyway) is the new bedding and food, and I expect that they'll migrate over to that side fairly quickly. When they do, we'll be able to finish harvesting the rest of the castings.

We were able to get some of them right away, though. Thomas liked holding the bucket but did NOT want to touch the worms or the castings. :)

Doesn't that look beautiful!

This is the bed we're preparing for a winter crop of peas. I love the fact that I can turn kitchen and garden scraps into the most amazing fertilizer for our garden!

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