Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thank you notes

When I was small, my mom would always help me write thank you notes for every gift I received. As I got older, I learned to do it myself, and I also came to appreciate the importance of writing them.

Now as an adult I make it a point to always send a note in response to a gift. I keep a list of gifts received and cross off each individual as I write and send their card. This system usually works really well.

Usually. Apparently not when I am post-partum and overwhelmed with the demands of three small children.

You see, I made my list. But I think that I may have forgotten to cross off some of the people for whom I've already written cards. Now as I begin writing a note I am plagued by the thought: "didn't I already write this one? I think I've written this exact same phrase! Or maybe I only thought about writing it, but didn't actually get it on paper? No, I'm sure I sent that one because I emailed to ask her for her address. But maybe I did that and then didn't actually write the note?"

As you can see, mama-brain has arrived and appears to be staying.

So, friends and family, if you gave us a gift in the past 8 weeks, and haven't received a thank you note, please accept my humblest apologies. And if you have received two cards referring to the same gift, go ahead and laugh. :)

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