Wednesday, November 05, 2008


My oldest son never stops talking. Today I asked him to stop talking to me, to just please, be quiet for a few minutes, and his response?
"Well, is it ok if I talk to myself?"
I love him. So very much. He is funny and creative and sweet and loving. But my ears are tired - tired to the point of my head aching and my soul crying out for silence.

I didn't know how much I needed silence until I couldn't have it.

Lord, help me to survive this time of blessed noise.

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Ouiz said...

I am surrounded by non-stop talkers, so I know EXACTLY how you feel! You can only listen so long to stories that drag on and on about lego creations, mythical beasts, and "Mom! Guess what I dreamed about last night!" before you just want to scream "give me 5 minutes of peace! PLEASE!"

As I listen to the din in my house at this very moment, I try to remember St. Therese and listen to it as if it were music... because, it really is. I just forget that sometimes.