Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Nesting projects

I was going through some old posts and found this one in draft form - I had almost finished it, but didn't quite get it posted before Josiah showed up. :) Rather than just delete it, I thought I'd post it now and we can all giggle together over my crazy pre-birth instincts.


Over the past 2-3 weeks, I've definitely had the nesting bug. Apparently most women nest when they're about to have their baby. I get started a good 4-5 weeks ahead of time (I had the same experience with Jonathan and Thomas, so this does seem to be a predictable pattern!)

Some of these projects I've done myself, some of them I've enlisted (ok, drafted) Gabe's help to accomplish. :)

Building the bunk bed. Didn't Gabe do a wonderful job? This one really was his project entirely, and it took a lot of hours (particularly since he did almost all the work with "help" from the boys!) He's a good Daddy. I'm so pleased with this piece of furniture. It really is exactly what we wanted - real wood, good quality, very safe (it is practically a crib on top!) and with a trundle bed underneath. All three boys will be able to sleep in this bed for a good many years to come, and still have room to play in their bedroom.

Organizing my side of our closet, as well as my hope chest. This was a project that took more than a full day, since I actually opened and went through all the boxes that I'd been moving from place to place for the last ten years. The result was fantastic - we actually have room in our closet again and I know precisely what is there and which box it is in. I wish I had thought to take a "before" shot, because you would all be much more impressed.

Going through two boxes of clothes that we had been given for the boys. Some of it is now packed away in a box (the sizes J will be in next) and the rest was given away.

Getting rid of two LARGE boxes of books that had been sitting around for the past year. They had been listed on BookMooch, (and I still love BookMooch!) but at some point you have to assume that no one wants the ones that haven't been taken for a year. So out they went!

Walking through the house (with Gabe) and getting rid of a variety of books, toys, clothes, picture frames, and other stuff that we just didn't need/love/use.

(Notice a theme here? My particular brand of nesting usually includes throwing or giving a lot of stuff away. All my tendencies toward minimalism and simplicity come out in full force: "Out, out get it OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!" is about how I feel. Poor Gabe lives in fear for his possessions while I'm in this frame of mind.)

Organizing the dresser in the boys' bedroom (which had been holding all the various stages of 0-24 month clothes), then moving Jonathan's clothes into his very own drawer. He's quite capable of choosing his own clothes each day, and likes having that grown up responsibility. Now the shelf on the changing table that used to hold J's clothes is available for baby onesies!

Sewing, sewing, sewing! I have a boutique sale coming up in early November, and one of my goals has been to get nearly (if not completely) ready for it before Josiah showed up. On top of that I got a couple of large and unexpected orders (six slings, my word!) in the last two weeks!

Finishing a collage frame of photos of Thomas' first year. I'd been meaning to do it for about six months, but never got around to it. Apparently guilt over having a third child before paying attention to photos of the second is a powerful motivator. :)

I'm actually having a hard time coming up with anything else that needs to be done before Josiah shows up. Maybe he'll take the hint?

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