Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Accidental homeschooling

Yesterday we went for a walk. While we were out, I noticed a honeybee on a flower, and we stopped to look at it. We talked about how honeybees are different from wasps, and when Jonathan asked what the bee was doing I explained how he was collecting pollen with his feet to make into honey. Jonathan found this fascinating, and for the rest of the walk home we talked about bees making honey - every step from the pollen to the hive to the bee keeper harvesting honey and packaging it up to send to the store. When we got home I put little drops of honey on the boys' fingers and they licked it off. It was such fun to watch their delight! When Gabe got home, Jonathan excitedly told me that Daddy needed honey on his finger, too, and gave a pretty good rundown of what we'd talked about. He was definitely interested!

So today we continued with the subject, this time with an art project:

Construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, crayons, and stickers (I am SO glad that I picked up those insect stickers last weekend!) made for a truly enjoyable 45 minute project. Thomas is old enough to enjoy doing things like this now, too, as long as he has some extra help. So I cut out suns and clouds and grass and beehives, and the boys pasted them onto paper and decorated their creations with stickers.

Do you see how intentional Jonathan was with his honeybees? They're stepping on the flowers to collect the pollen, and one of them has already carried his pollen home!

Tomorrow we're heading to the library, and I'm hoping to find a book about bees to read to the boys. Nothing like capitalizing on an interest!

I told my mom about this, yesterday, and said that it seemed like "accidental homeschooling". She said that most early homeschooling is like that.

I waver back and forth constantly, wondering if homeschooling is something that I can and want to do. Days like these make me think that I do. :)

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