Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rainstorms and other happy occurences

Some of my happiest memories from childhood are of rainy days spent splashing and sailing boats in very large puddles. When we were completely wet and freezing cold, we'd head inside to warm up and sing for our "grog" - broth with noodles.

Last night it rained, and when I woke at 3am I had the awful thought: I only have ONE pair of boots for the boys! So first thing after breakfast we headed to Walmart to get a new pair of boots for Thomas.

They had a great time. Actually, they had two great times - they came in to warm up, changed clothes, and then headed back out again, this time in sandals because their boots were sopping wet. I almost told them "no", because I am a silly grown-up and nearly forgot how important it is to get wet feet.

It is very important.

When they came in for the second time they disrobed, changed into pajamas, and had hot "grog" before nap time. And I sang "Oh me father was the keeper of the Edystone Light" for them while they ate. Remember that one, siblings?

Rainstorms always make for a good day. Even if they do multiply the laundry and get mud all over the floor. :)

In other news, Josiah is laughing!

And my sweet, sweet middle child, who is so very dear, wants to be just like Daddy.


sarah marie said...

Thomas is wearing the snowman pjs we gave him! Cute! Rain is fun. I love those memories, too!

Amber said...

Great pictures! And what a puddle, that looks like a lot of fun. We need to have some puddles like that! (But not yet, Emma has outgrown her rain boots and I haven't been able to find more! K-Mart has switched totally over to snow boots - apparently I missed the rain boot window)

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Amber, I missed the rain boots too - We bought the ONE pair of boots available for little boys. Oh well - at least here it isn't cold enough to be a big problem when their feet get wet!

Dy said...

OMGOsh, EMILY! That is THE cutest baby EVER! And I do. mean. cute!!! (with all three exclamation marks *grin*) WOW.

Man, you're three for three on having gorgeous children, you know that?

Love the puddles, too. What fuN!