Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lullaby Slings

Lullaby Slings (my new business and Etsy shop) is up and running! I'm sure I'll be adding things and tweaking things for some time to come (I'd like to get a nice header up in the near future) but for now I'm happy with it and I have items up for sale!

Now, just to make me all smiley inside, will you all go take a look at Lullaby Slings? And if you want to really make me happy, come back and comment to let me know what you think! Constructive criticism is also appreciated, since I really do intend this to be a side business and I'd like to do it as well as possible.

Just to tempt you, here are some things I have up:

What do you think?


Amie said...

Looks great Em good luck to you! Can I give you an idea? Give lots and lots away as gifts and nestle inside each gift business cards (get them free at vistaprint). I have had too much business for my slings, ABC (I think you call them Mei Tai carriers) and nursing covers this way. It's a little bit more money up front but lots of fun on the return end...and if your addicted to gift giving like me its a great way to feed the fun!

Such sweet pictures of you and Thomas too...awwww

Sarah said...

I like it, Em ;) And the pictures ARE sweet.

Libby said...

Way to have a cute kid to help you model your product!

Sarah Marie said...

My cutesy-pootsie nephew!

Your sewing looks beautiful, Em.

Amber said...

I wish you the best in your new endeavor! Your items look beautiful, and I really like your fabric choices.