Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bible stories, toddler style

Sometimes Bible stories get awfully mixed up in a toddler re-telling. This morning Jonathan informed me that he was "looking for God." I asked where he thought God was, and since Jonathan wasn't sure, we had a short discussion about how we can't see God, but he is always with us. This reminded Jonathan of the story of Daniel, which he's been quite immersed in lately thanks to Veggie Tales songs.
Oh, like when Daniel was in the zoo, and the lions ate him, but God sang to him and said "don't cry, I'm with you."
Well, something like that, anyway. :)


Amber said...

LOL! Yes, that's just how I remember the story too. That's great, thanks for posting that.

Sarah Marie said...

And then Daniel was in the stomach of the lion, but the lion spat him up on shore so he could go to Ninevah...? :)

mhcowen said...

:) Thank you also for your comment on the Chiro. I have not been seen as regularly as I was with Matthew's pregnancy but was talking with Mike about being seen at least once a week before delivery and then you emailed me! I think I need to aggressively pursue this...thank you for the reminder!

Linds said...

You know, the mixed up Bible story would be a lot funnier to me if I didn't get the equivalent of it in history essays from my freshmen... :)