Monday, October 02, 2006

Poor sleepy kid

Jonathan is trying so hard to become a one-nap child. Some days it works. Some days it just doesn't. I wish I knew a better way to help him. Today he took a one hour nap in the middle of the day, then completely fell apart at 5pm and screamed himself to sleep (I tried just doing a quiet time with him, but he was having none of that idea!) But yesterday he slept from 1pm-3pm and didn't fall apart until 8pm. It was a lovely day. He just isn't consistent at all, either with the timing for his first nap, or his need (or lack thereof) for a second.

I would think it was our fault (we have a slightly varying schedule during the week which causes J to wake up either at 6am or at 7am - 7am being his choice) except that during the summer the schedule never changed and we still had the trouble with his naps. It almost seems more like the problem is in his not sleeping long enough during his midday nap. If he'd only sleep the two hours that he needs, instead of waking up and yelling after one.

Does anyone have good idea for helping him get through this?


Linds said...

Chloroform. (Guess I've been watching too many 1930s movies lately...)

Dy said...

The transition from two to one can be really trying. Expect them to need the occasional second nap every few days for a while. Then he'll be okay for a day or tow and then the descent begins (like Macbeth's madness... lol.)

It happens again as they transition from one to none. Even at six, John will slip into a blissful afternoon coma about once every two weeks.