Monday, October 30, 2006

Big boy beds

I'm assuming that at least a few of my readers may have dealt with this problem. If you have, will you please please please share your wisdom?

We're in the process of switching Jonathan to a mattress instead of the pack n play, and we're having difficulty. He does fine at night, maybe due to the darkness factor (?) but naptimes just aren't working. This morning he was totally exhausted, but couldn't seem to fall into a deep sleep. As soon as I left the room he popped up, cried, and followed me out. We had quite a battle over whether or not he would stay on the bed! I think I came out on top, sort of, since he did eventually stay on the bed to finish out his quiet time, but he never did sleep and is still obviously tired (he's sitting in my lap, head nodding, right now).

I think part of the problem is just so much space. He's used to flopping around and hitting the mesh sides of the crib. Now he flops and...flops again and...falls off the bed. Or hits the wall, which is definitely not soft. We've tried to make him a cozy corner with pillows and his favorite blanket, and that seems to help a little bit, but not enough.

When he slept in his crib, it was so easy! Well, at least it has been for awhile. We simply turned on his music, lay with him for three songs, and then left. He knew the routine and almost never gave us trouble about it. I guess maybe it will just take time to learn the new routine, but I'm not quite sure how to make the routine happen. Because he really can just get off his bed anytime he feels like it. And discipline has me a bit stymied, because how am I supposed to put him in "time out" when there are no sides to keep him in?

Are we just doing this too early? He's almost 19 months old now. We wanted to get him comfortable with the new arrangement well before the new baby arrives, so that he doesn't feel like it is the baby who took his bed away, you know? But maybe we're expecting too much of him. I'm just not sure.

Poor tired kid. He's lying on the floor, staring out the window. Does that sound like my normally full of energy child? I wish he'd just give up and go to sleep. Then I could take a shower in peace. :)


Dy said...

Poor little guy. {{hugs}} For both of you!

Do you have the little mesh siderail on the bed? That might help w/ the comfort/security factor.

Other than that, I have no idea. Smidge STILL falls out of bed every morning around four - and climbs in bed w/ us. We used to joke that James just wasn't going to go to bed until he cried - so let's make him cry at supper and maybe he'd go to be early. ;-)

It's a good idea, though, to get them accustomed to the new arrangement so they don't view the new kid at a little usurper, I think. That's how we've approached it, anyway. Maybe give him a few weeks to grow accustomed to the new routine. Change is hard, even moreso when you're little.


Amber said...

Well, no words of wisdom from this corner, but I hope that things get better soon! Transitions are always challenging, but I think what you're doing is a good idea.

We've never had our children sleep in beds with sides or rails, which does get interesting when they are mobile. Gregory nurses to sleep so we don't have a problem on that end... but when he wakes up he schooches over to the door before making any noise, then bangs on the door and fusses until he hears me coming. However, since he's now in front of the door, it is a little challenging to get into the room to get him out! He knows to back up, but he's not exactly the most coordinated little guy yet. :-)

Bob & Claire said...

Well, we never switched our kids over to big boy beds until they were older than 2, so it might possibly help to wait a little longer. With the older 2, once they did make the switch, we also had the mesh-y side rail thing. It's hard to balance the "little baby stole my bed" thing AND the "I want to rest during naptime myself during pregnancy" thing too! I feel for you, and I hope he can make the adjustment soon!