Friday, October 13, 2006


Jonathan had his 18 month doctor's appointment yesterday and got a whole bunch of vaccination shots. I'm glad he won't be getting polio, but a post-vaccine toddler can be difficult! He was running a fever for most of the day, and partway through the afternoon I decided that a movie was in order. Only, I'm sick of the Baby Einstein dvd that we have. One can only watch those so many times before wishing they'd never been made. :) So instead, I put in the Sound of Music. It has music! It has dancing! It has children! He'll love it!

He hated it. I watched it with him and talked him through it for ten minutes, hoping that he'd catch on that this was fun. He cried the whole time. "Mommy, woo woo mooee!!" Over and over and over again.

But it is the Sound of Music!!! How can you possibly not like the Sound of Music!!! Baby Einstein has ruined you forever!!!

I'm trying very hard to convince myself that Baby Einstein is simply more developmentally appropriate for an 18 month old.


Elena said...

For a long time, the boys' favorite part was the sparkly Disney DVD logo. If that failed to elicit a gasp of awe, I knew I needed to lay off the Baby Einstein for a while. =)

Sarah said...

I've heard good things about Baby Einstein! Our church choir director's little daughter crouches down and whispers "pianissimo" and then stands up, stretches up her arms, and shouts "fortissimo!" It's so cute. She learned it from Baby Einstein. :-)