Monday, October 02, 2006


I discovered recently that diapers can often be a tipping point for me between a good or bad day. If the day is going very well and I had enough sleep the night before and nothing really stressful is going on, then I don't mind using cloth diapers. But if I didn't get enough sleep, or I'm behind in my work at church, or Jonathan is fussy, or all the above (yeah, usually all of the above!) then dealing with cloth diapers can be the straw that reduces me to tears in a corner.

So we've been using disposables a lot. And I'm discovering that they are REALLY expensive. Thus an advertisement in BabyTalk caught my eye - diapers ordered online, with free shipping and no sales tax, for less than they cost at Target and Walmart. That is the pitch, anyway. Does anyone have any experience with this company (

Anyway, I think that I'm going to try them out. They accept coupons if you mail them to them in advance, and while their prices don't quite compare to Sam's Club generics, I think that it might be worthwhile to pursue particularly if I can scrounge up some coupons.

Now, for those of you who might also be interested: if you use this code (EMMX2362) when you order, you will get $2 off your order. And in the interest of full disclosure, I'll also get a $1 credit each time you order. Which could add up, you know! So if you want to try this store out, you can feel quite good about your decision because you'll also be helping this grad school family maintain sanity and budget. :)

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